White Haven Area Military Honor Roll

Our Honor Roll is currently under construction and a new monument will be replacing the area sometime in late 2022

We still honor all those that served and came home after the war when the first Honor Roll was dedicated on September 7th, 1946

Here is the list of all the names that appeared on the honor roll.

Charles Ackerman Edward Ackerman Elmer J. Ackerman Herman N. Ackerman Howard  Ackerman Raymond E.  Adams William L. Aker, Jr. Mary E. Albertine  Thomas  Albertine  William M.  Andres Martin Banczek Francis  Baranyak Joseph  Baranyak Edward Barrington John T. Barron George L. Barry Edward P. Barry, Jr. Harold J. Barry, Jr. Angelo Bartol Charles Becker George F. Best Herbert T. Best Francis A. Blaum Charles E. Bobcowski Ambrose H. Bolish Earl L. Bond Robert E. Bond Russell  Boner Rocco M. Bonomo Francis Brady Joseph Brady Thomas Brady Albert A. Brandmier Arthur A. Brandmier Frederick Brandmier Richard D. Braun Alfred  Bruzgulis Charles  Bruzgulis John Bruzgulis  George W. Buckman Leo Budzyn Walter Budzyn Christy  Burns Leroy W. Carter Robert Carter Carrol A. Causey Marshall R.  Clymer Thomas J. Crosley  Beryl Daneker Grover C. Daneker   John Daneker, Jr. Harry Davenport Lester H. Davenport Earl Davis Jay M. Davis Lawrence W. Davis Edward L. Deal Walter Deal Lloyd  DeBoer Howard Decker Edward Derr Thomas R. Detweiler Stanley B. Dickey Burton W. Dodson Stanley J. Domanski George  Donnelly Charles O. Dotter Clayde L. Dotter Harry Dotter Newton E. Dotter Raymond E.  Dotter John Dreisbach Jack H.  Driggs Kenneth   Earnhart  George H. Earnhart, Jr. Ransom Earnhart, Jr. Joseph  Eder Robert  Eder John Elinsky Michael Elinsky Jasper L. Ely Ruth Lois Ely Clifford  Evans Richard M. Evans Gordon T. Fairchild Loyd Fairchild Roger V.  Fairchild  Warren J. Fairchild  Irwin E. Fairchld Henry J. Fascza Robert Faylor Dewey J. Feist George M.  Feist Marvin S. Feist Elmer P. Fisher Raymond  Fisher Peter   Flynn John Frank Harold Fritzinger Edward C. Fulk Gordon W. Fulk Peter Funk Andrew  Funk, Jr. John P. Gallagher Edward   Gelezinski John  Geshel Louis Geshel William Geshel Arlington C. Getz Howard  Getz Lloyd J. Getz Marion E. Getz Thomas Gibbons Harold Gower Harry W. Gower William Gower Nelson Graham Robert Graham Paul Green Theodore Grunert, Jr. Kermit A.  Gueiss Robert Haiges John  Hallack Chalres Hallock Walter D. Hannon Harry H.  Hartley Walter Hartley Harry F. Hassel Leroy S. Hayes Charles A. Heimbach Harley A. Henning Edward G.  Herbener Walter  Herbener Henry  Herbener, Jr. Harris B. Hinderson Leo F. S. Horan  David W. Hosier John R.  Hosier Martin L. Hosier Peter P. Hosier Daniel Hughes Charles Hughes, Jr. Steven Husovich Lindy Hussman Ralph Izzo Joseph  Jabjiniak Albert  Jacobs David   Jones Gaius L. Jones Harry Jones Homer Jones John E. Jones Richard Jones Wm. Lee Jones Michael T. Karonski Andrew  Kashubska Edwin W. Kaskoszki James A. Keeley William  Keenapple   Charles Keenapple, Jr. Ernest Keiper   Albert Keiper, Jr. Harley  Kenning Charles E.  Kerstetter Clayton Kester George T. Kibler Robert  Kindered John W. Klem Carl P. Klingerman George C. Koch Leon V. Kocher John J.  Kositch Willaim M. Kresge Josephine Krumanocker John Kubica Harvey H.  Kunkle John Lachette Joseph  Lachette William  Lachette Robert  Ladner Theodore Ladner William  Ladner Mary C. Latchette John H. Lawson Clinton  Learn Kenneth P. Learn Otto Leipfert Carl  Lemich Charles Lemich George Lemich John Lemich Samuel Lemich Edward J. Leonard James Leonard Raymond Leonard David L.  Leyfert Harry  Linnell Ruth M. Linnell Stanley  Linta Joseph  Lopeeskoske Manfred Luppold James Magagna Albert F.  Maier Edward  Maranuk Maxim  Maranuk Clara  Martini Edward Martini James  Martini John Mattie Joseph W. McCloskey Howard E. McCluskey Joseph  McCluskey Chalres McDonald James H. Meckes Earl L. Meier Russel Mengle George  Miller Joseph Miller Lester G. Miller Nicholas Miller Raymond Miller Wallace  MIller Rodney Miller  Clifford C. Mills Leonard G. Mills Clayton C. Mills  Edward Morrison John J.  Morrison Bernard A.  Moser Clarence   Moyer Edward F. Moyer Harry C. Moyer William  Mulligan Edward Murowsky Karl V. Murphy James E.  Murphy, Jr. Steven A. Nagy   Michael  Nagy, Jr. Charles A. Nanstiel Charles E. Nanstiel Harry W. Nanstiel Samuel Nanstiel William E. Nauman Lois Nelmes Christian Nessler Glenn  Neuman Thomas  Nitka  Harold Novzen Alex  Nyczypor George Nyczypor James  Nyczypor Frank J.  Okrasinski Leon J. Okrasinski Thomas J. Orloskey Charles E. Payton William  Payton   Thomas  Payton, Jr. Stanley Perch  Joseph  Petrosky Stanley Petrosky Philip A. Piro Stephen E. Pompella  William A.  Pompella  Norman J. Prutzman George  Quigg John F. Quigg Joseph T.  Quigg John Quinlivan Harold C. Quinn Louise M. Quinn Martin A. Quinn Stanley J. Radjavitch William  Reilly  Albert L. Reiner Claude W. Reiner Lloyd L. Reiner  Harold  Reinmiller Joseph G. Reiser Arthur  Reynolds John Richards William C. Richards John W. Richards, Jr.  Lucian L. Rinaldi Thomas Rowlands Edward  Salajko Patrick A. Sandor Frank G. Savage Elizabeth J. Schafer Marchall B. Schafer William B. Schafer  Calvin C. Schock  William A.  Schock, Jr.  Roger  Schuck Alvin Searfoss Clayton V. Searfoss Edward  Searfoss George  Searfoss James R.  Searfoss Levi R. Searfoss Paul J. Searfoss Samuel Searfoss Thomas L. Searfoss William H. Searfoss Allan W. Searfoss Jr. Lawrence J.  Shehadi Howard Shellhammer George Shinglock Charles Shovlin Eugene Shupp Kenneth G. Shupp Lester R. Shupp Willaim C  Shupp Eyorweth B. Siglin Samuel Silvernell Donald  Sipler Louis Sipler Merrit Sipler Oscar C. Sipler, Jr. Jacob  Smith John Smith Nathan Smith Gladys Sontag William  Starner Tony M. Starr Benjamin Stemple Eugene Stemple William T.  Stemple Edward Stolpe Welmer J. Storm Cletus V. Sullivan Joseph A. Sullivan Alex  Swerdon John Swerdon Joseph Swerdon Josephine Swerdon Michael  Swerdon Peter Swerdon Wassel  Swerdon George Swerdon, Jr. Alex Timinsky Frank  Timinsky George Timinsky Michael Timinsky John Timinsky, Jr. Matthew Timinsky, Jr. George H. Timko John Topito Donald  Wallace Franklin Wallace James Wallace Irwin Walton James Walton Leroy E.  Walton Raymond L. Ward Robert E. Ward   J. Randall Ward, Jr. Clarence W. Watkins Marvin Watkins Addison  Weaver  Lawernce L. Weaver  Theodore Weaver  Arthur G. Wheeler Chester L. Wheeler Harry A.  Wheeler Jack L. Wheeler Lawernce L. Wheeler Thomas D. Wilkinson William  Wilkinson Earl Williams Ernest G. Williams Harold Williams Henry   Williams Howard  Williams Leroy E.  Williams Lester Williams Percy Williams Thomas  Williams Harold  Wisler Clyde Wood Harold S. Wood Robert Wood John S. Wydock Stanley P. Yachiel John R.  Yakubowski   Maryon  Yakubowski Jr. Robert L. Yohey Edward  Yuskavage Edward Ziminsky Joseph J. Ziminsky Chester   Zmiejko John Zmiejko Stanley Zmiejko Edward  Zmiejko 


To the Men and Women of our Community who have served in the arm forces

For their courage, service, sacrifice and for their safe return, we offer our sincere thanks.

The struggle for liberty and freedom – for life itself, is not achieved by a single overwhelming victory. We must continue alert and active that our present gains may be held and improved. By this small an humble ceremony and entertainment, we, of your community, seek to express our sincere gratitude and undying appreciation for your valiant services in behalf of our community and our nation. (Quoted from the 1946 program book for the honor roll dedication)